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PermacultureWest's Mission and Objectives

by Peter McMullen last modified Apr 23, 2015 09:26 AM

Mission statement

PermacultureWest is the state support group for a decentralised movement of local permaculture groups. We encourage local groups to cooperate and help them to learn self-organising skills. Our intent is to build local and regional resilience through permaculture promotion, design and doings.”


Agreed Objectives for 2015

  1. To support workshops at local group level on permaculture principles
  2. To have quarterly E-news that disseminates collated articles about activities of local groups, resources, events and contact details
  3. To collate and display information about permaculture principles and groups in Western Australia on PW website and Facebook
  4. To respond to direct contact within 3 days
  5. To encourage groups and members to generate articles and resources for e-news, Facebook and PW website
  6. To make appropriate insurance available for permaculture activities
  7. To promote and support the establishment of new local permaculture groups
  8. To have a PW stall at a few big, relevant festivals
  9. To have fun and make friends
  10. To increase our own group effectiveness skills.


Concrete projects (not in order of priorities)

  • International Permaculture Day: 3 May 2015
  • Progress seedsavers grant
  • APC13: October 2016 (Thirteenth Australian Permaculture Convergence - National event to be held in Perth in 2016)
  • To rewrite the PW constitution
  • To clarify what PW offers to all members
  • To rekindle Enews