Local groups

Western Australia is a big place, and even Perth is fairly spread out, so Local Permaculture Groups give people greater opportunity to share experiences, celebrate achievements (and share surplus) as well as overcome challenges.

Belonging to a local group can also provide inspiration and motivation, hands on practical help, opportunity to share equipment or swap seeds and cuttings. Lastly and maybe of greatest value, local groups can provide a sense of comradeship and connectedness.

Join a group in your area!

Below is a list of the current Permaculture Local Groups. There are those in the wider Perth area and regional WA.

Please click on the groups names for more information about each one.

No Local Permie Groups in your area ? Check these.


Living Smart

Transition Towns

Organic Association of WA local Groups

Perth Green Drinks

WA Community Gardens

Permaculture Perth Facebook Group

We need to support existing groups an help them grow as well.
Look for Gardening groups, Green groups and Community Gardens.

OR Start a group in your area!

If you would like to start up a new local group then please read our Starting a Local Group guide that can be found here.

Also feel free to contact us at any time and we can have a chat to discuss what’s involved.

Public Liability Documentation

Support offered to affiliated local groups.

The most significant benefit in being a local PermacultureWest group is to be covered by our public liability policy. When regular attendees of the regional groups are financial PermacultureWest members and there events are approved as official events, its a PermacultureWest meeting and naturally covered under our Public Liability coverage.

We are also trialing a 50% of membership fee goes to your active local group reward for to help us help you in your local group.
For you reference PW’s current 2016 public liability insurance document can be requested. As a local group you need to notify us you would like to use the liability policy, the nature of your event and the names of our financial members in your group.