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Australasian Permaculture Convergence in 3 Weeks

by Charles Otway last modified Sep 24, 2016 08:12 AM
Permaculture is Converging on Perth

Perth Celebrates One of Australia’s Greatest Exports

What Australian export is practiced by over 2.5 million people in more than 135 countries and can now provide a level of food security across the planet?

Permaculture (permanent agriculture), is an Australian design system that creates sustainable human habitats in alliance with nature. One of its Co-originator’s, David Holmgrem, will headline an impressive bill of international and local guests who will gather together in October for the 13th Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC13).

Permaculture and sustainability enthusiasts from across Australasia will descend on Perth in October 2016 for the three-day convergence. In addition to the convergence, there will be courses on sustainable living and tours in and around Perth, the South West and Geraldton. Many courses are open to the general public who can learn about successful food production in a range of environments including areas with marginal rainfall.

“APC13 is an opportunity for people to learn about research into resilient and productive systems, and contribute to the future direction of permaculture and it’s education in the world,” said Dr Ross Mars, leading WA permaculture educator and author.

Permaculture Co-originator, David Holmgren, will provide a solution to addressing energy descent in his keynote speech titled Retrosurbia. Energy descent is the time period beginning with the global oil peak and the predicted energy crisis. Holmgren will present his plan for transitioning to a regenerative future by retrofitting the suburbs to secure resources at a local level.

Other renowned permaculturists including Robin Clayfield, Graham Bell and Robina McCurdy will discuss bioregional food resilience, seed sovereignty, permaculture education and its future role along with presentations on regenerating urban deserts with community gardens, and future ecovillages.

Local identity Josh Byrne will provide insight into how Permaculture principles can be incorporated into commercial and civic projects.

APC13 will be held between Monday October 3rd to Wednesday October 5th at the Swan Adventure Centre (formerly Swanleigh) in Yule Road, Middle Swan

For more information visit or the APC13 Facebook page.

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