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Events for International Permaculture Day May 3rd

by Charles Otway last modified Apr 26, 2015 09:23 PM
Join Permaculture groups around WA on International Permie Day 2015 May 3rd as we present Permaculture in Support of Soil.

Join Permies around the state as we celebrate International Permaculture Day on May 3rd.

Gathering confirmed so far are in Bunbury (BUG are only on Facebook now (or see their meet details below), Fair Harvest in Margs, and Perth at Stirling Farmers market.

Fair Harvest is putting on a awesome list of expert speakers so get yourself down there and support permaculture to support soil.

NPD2015 Poster

BUG - Bunbury Urban Gardeners

Combined Swap Shuffle Share, Seed planting day and International Permaculture day.
Josh Berry and Jenni Marns will be our hosts.
There will be the normal SSS, Seed Planting and an informal tour of the composting process that Josh has developed. The SSS will start at the normal time followed by the informal tour and seed planting/swapping. You can participate in any or all of the above.

SSS: Bring something to put on the share table if you can...seeds, gardening magazines, cuttings, plants, produce from your garden, anything relevant to edible gardening. If you haven't got anything to put on the table, we would love to see you any way. A small plate of food to share would be appreciated.

Seed Planting: Bring your seeds, bring your pots, bring your laughter and bring something yummy. Potting mix, tea and coffee are provided. There are a few paper recycled pots available in limited supply.
We swap, share and plant whatever seeds we have with much discussion and laughter. The next month return those seeds that have grown and need a new home (because we always plant too many!). Or just come with more seeds and a sad tale of misfortune about the others.
We hope to develop a more self reliant community for seeds and learn new skills from other. We can also develop plant isolation to prevent cross pollination as part of our community rather than individually allowing us to maintain seed integrity.
As we are Certified Organic please respect biological hazards and give your boots and pots a squirt prior to arriving.
There is a donation box to cover the cost of compost and materials, you will know the amount you use and its value.