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Two Interesting Opportunities from Warwick Rowell

by Charles Otway last modified Jul 23, 2014 06:26 PM
Meat Pigeons setups, Rocket Stoves, Masonary stoves and DIY Electric Energy Devices. There is not much the Warwick Rowell has not done in his many years living and teaching permaculture. He is looking for others to get involved in the Dunsborough locality permaculture venture.

Domestic Meat Pigeon system for offers.

After eighteen years we are reluctantly giving up our meat pigeons, and want to pass the system on to someone.

Pigeons are a great source of meat; they breed almost year round, they are very hardy, their manure is the highest in N and P, and they taste great!

Available near Dunsborough are 14 birds (if you are quick!), watering system, two galvanised bins for feed and grit, with some contents.

A separate sale might be one or two cages; inspection might is needed, as they would need careful handling and relocation.

Contact Warwick at 0447 994 885 or


Four projects are underway that could benefit from YOUR knowledge, skills, and involvement.

Rocket Stove Erica Ritter

Your involvement could contribute to a project for a Diploma in Permaculture, a building block of your learning, part of a degree programme, and could even make some money!

1.  Building a low rpm generator/motor for a domestic flywheel electrical storage system.

2.  Building an ultra-efficient stationary rocket stove.

3.  Building two ultra-efficient masonry stoves.

4.  Building an ultra-efficient barbeque.

Rocker mass heater

I am happy to provide some funding, a strategic resources depot for some materials, a 4.9 star venue for meetings and overnight stays, my research to date.

I am seeking collaborators for prompt but thoughtful action: I can not do it all myself!

Expressions of interest to please.
Which project is of interest, what knowledge and practical skills do you offer, etc.