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Winter Enews 2014

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PermacultureWest - Sharing the permie news- July 2014

Holmgren and Foss hit Freo with -
Strategies for a Changing Economy: Survive and Thrive
Community news, workshops and classifieds:
  1. A new Belmont community garden is in planning, they want your local help. A public meeting, will be held on Saturday 6th September at 11 a.m. To get involved contact Yvana on or text 0430044589
  2. Hilton Harvest Community Garden need a fence, but not just any fence, they would love your support see more here. Fences for Flowers.
  3. The Workshops we have all been waiting for - Biomorphosis re-skilling Workshops are here !
  4. Free fruit tree pruning workshops this Sunday at the PCC Urban Orchard, Northbridge.
  5. Terra Perma - Permaculture Design Course confirmed for 15th to 26th October
  6. Terra Perma Gardening Workshops for August.
  7. Fair Harvest - Permaculture Design Course confirmed for 11th to 25th Jan 2015
  8. Free ranging farm turkey gobblers, 7 for sale $60 each breeding age (1 yr old full size), mixed colours, (smokey, bronze, white/black bars) fatten up for xmas, breed or display. Location Pemberton can be transported up to Perth. 0466633275.
  9. Domestic Meat Pigeon system for offers (Dunsborough) 14 birds (if you are quick!), watering system, two galvanised bins for feed and grit, with some contents. A separate sale might be one or two cages; inspection might is needed, as they would need careful handling and relocation. Contact Warwick at 0447 994 885 or
  10. TIMOR LESTE PERMACULTURE FOUNDER'S NATIONAL TOUR: Ego Lemos is ending his Australian speaking tour, sponsored by The Greens, with talks in Subiaco and Fremantle. Permatil's founder, and Coordinator of the Permaculture Scout Timor-Leste (PERMASCOUT-TL), Ego has infectious enthusiasm for environmental and social revitalisation in his home country and internationally. He is speaking at Earthwise Centre,315 Bagot Road, Subiaco, on Sunday 27 July at 4.30 - 6.00pm. Presentation is followed by Q & A session. Free public meeting, all welcome, hosted by Curtin Greens.
    Enquiries: Ruth Greble 0431 384 408.