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Getting Started in Permaculture

Reviewed by Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon I read this book in one night – it started as a little bedtime reading until my eyes became heavy, but then when I woke during the night and couldn’t...

Observe and Interact

In a garden setting, this means: stop. Just watch for a moment. What is the sun doing? The wind? How are the flora and fauna responding to each other? That kind of thing. Stop and observe before you come in with your shovel and your landscape design, first just be aware of what’s going on…

An Evening with Rosemary Morrow

Tuesday, 22nd of November, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

PermacultureWest, Permaculture Educator’s Alliance and Northern Permies (NAPES) Perth are delighted to invite you to join us for a special evening with one of the pioneering women of Permaculture, Rosemary Morrow.

Annual General Meeting 2022

It is time for our Annual General Meeting!Please come and join us to shape the future of PermacultureWest. All committee positions will be declared vacant and we would love to see some new faces on the team as many hands make light work!