Att. Category: Information Sheet

PDF documents consisting of permaculture-related practical information.

Perennial Polycultures

Perennial Polycultures Highlights the importance of polycultures in the development of perennial food systems

Soil and Water Farming is Carbon Farming

Soil and Water Farming is Carbon Farming An introduction to the application of Keyline to soil building and water harvesting

Wicking Beds

Wicking Beds Some brief notes on approaches to building wicking beds in Perth

Attracting Backyard Wildlife

Attracting Backyard Wildlife Tips on using ponds and water features to attract wildlife into your backyard

Soil Building

Soil Building Information about key components of fertile soil

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds Tips on building raised garden beds that are appropriate for Perth

Permaculture Principles

Permaculture Principles A reminder of the key principles behind permaculture design

Passive Solar Home Design

Passive Solar Home Design Tips on applying passive solar principles to house design

Permaculture Chickens

Permaculture Chickens Tips for including chickens in your permaculture design

Garden Bed Soil for Perth

Garden Bed Soil for Perth Tips for building healthy garden soil in Perth