Balingup Field Day

Another great field day and an award for education in Regenerative Agriculture for PermacultureWest and Terra Perma.

A huge day for Balingup the Small farms field day saw thousands flocking to the town for it annual event. With the weather turning on a lovely day and food vendors selling out by lunch time the crowd was huge and the presentations, workshops, education and vendor stalls were all flat out.

Charles was presenting on edible weeds and foraging which was a very popular topic, Black Berry Nightshade stole the day (Solanum Nigrum) as everyone had this plant in their¬† gardens and farms and thought it was “Deadly nightshade and highly toxic”. Truth is not only are the ripe berries delicious but the leaves are also eaten by many African tribes and areas. It is a staple green in Kenya. While we have less ‘toxic’ green in Perth to eat it proves that there is a lot of old wives tales out there that we need to do our research on. (white sap is poisonous etc.)

Georgina Warden came down from Bunbury to chat about Permaculture local groups and the APC13 event and Permaculture Fest.

And we even won an award for education in Regenerative Agriculture for our stall, which shows its all about the conversations as it took 30 minutes to set up and cost us zero dollars. The prize money will go towards the next stall for PermacultureWest and Terra Perma, and anyone who wants to join us in 2017.

For those looking to join the local groups in Bridgetown/Balingup area you can email Blackwood Small Landholders group and the Blackwood Permaculture group. I will get their details here shortly but you can also email us to join their groups.

If anyone got any photos of our stall could you please email them to us on