Jenny Hanna

Treasurer (

I was introduced to permaculture in 2010 when I was new to Australia. After some research and visiting permaculture properties, there was a light bulb moment. Permaculture makes so much sense and offers many solutions, yet why are not many people doing it? I found out about the PermacultureWest association and offered to volunteer in handing out flyers at their Perth Royal Show stall, enjoying the day and learning so much. Eventually, I did my PDC with Terra Perma, Advance Teachers Training and other permaculture workshops. The PDC training helped me understand my ecological role in the ecosystem.

I attended a PermacultureWest AGM in 2016 where I put my hand up to be on the committee. It was my first committee, so I had to learn how it works and learn from other members. I have been fortunate to have met and worked with wonderful people in the past and current committees and outside the organisation. I was so glad I made the move to reach out and volunteer when I could.

In March 2020, we moved to Witchcliffe with a space to apply and share permaculture and the opportunity to plant lots of trees including my experiments with, and enthusiasm for, Moringa trees.

I would like to see more applications of permaculture in most properties no matter how small.