Paul Lambert

General Committee Member

Hello, my name is Paul Lambert and in this photo I am living like a king!  I’m out the front of my home in my op-shop dressing gown, on a stinking hot summer evening, topping up my hanging bird baths. 

Permaculture has become a very welcomed, valued friend in my life. For a very long time I was a functioning alcoholic. Like many Australians I could not stop at 1 or 2 drinks.  I used alcohol to hide behind at social events, and family dinners. I would drink to be accepted.  After a few years of working on my addiction, through the good people of AA alcohol anonymous and Holioke, I slowly was able to develop some new patterns and behaviours to control my addiction, and the practices of Permaculture was a part of this wonderful change in my life.

I started following and listening to resources from inspiring educators like Morage Gamble, Geoff Lawton and old episodes of Bill Mollison. Bill Mollison teaching the PDC course would leave me chuckling to his unique, politically incorrect, humour. After meeting real life Permaculturalist elders, I started becoming a part of the community again. This led to me nurturing fruit trees and native plants and habitats, and collecting lots of food waste from my local IGA which I turned into compost. I converted my pool into a lovely swim pond of dragonflys, fish and water chestnuts. Every day I collect duck eggs which turn into tasty treats. All of these actions help me feed better patterns for my brain.

I wear my addiction as a badge of honour. I share this simply because addiction in Australia is a serious, growing problem and it is everywhere. If I can leave one bread crumb towards helping to break the pattern of consumption for someone, I am a very happy man.

Lastly, I discovered that I have a creative side! I have left you a link to a poem about the mining and destruction of our precious WA bush land and forests.  You can add your signature by following the link below and clicking “Add my voice”.

Link to E.F.M Poetry

Signatures to end forest mining

Thank you for your time in reading my story.