Stephanie Cutmore

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Hi, my name is Steph and I live in the Wheatbelt on a farm near Meckering WA with my Hubby, 2 kids, sheep, chickens, dogs and a cat.

When I had my first child, I had an opportunity to slow down, finish working full time and start to see what interests I had. River Cottage Australia was a popular TV series and one me and hubby were addicted to. I watched a lot of the series while nursing a young baby and something about growing our own food was sparked in me. My mum mentioned “permaculture” was something she had heard about in the 80s and I should look into it. I found a Permaculture Design Course and went along to find out how to grow food. What I wasn’t expecting was the knowledge and experience I gained while attending the 2-week course. It was so much more than “learning to grow food”. It was genuinely life changing for me – I had never contemplated this whole new way of living let alone the friendship’s I would make.

Next thing I know I was doing the Certificate III, IV and the Diploma. Year after year I kept going back, wanting to learn more and be around such inspiring people. I have also recently finished the Permaculture Teacher Training course and aspire to one day teach and create a space that can inspire even more people to live this way of life.