Avon Valley Permies

AVON VALLEY PERMIES (AVP) is a NEW group providing permaculture info, support and activities in Toodyay and the surrounding Avon Valley region. The group will meet for the first time late March / early April (date TBC) and begin to toss about ideas and put together a draft program. 🙂

As a local group the AVP will link closely with the state wide association PermacultureWest. So…being part of the AVP gives all of us the opportunity to:
* Meet with other Permie life-stylers to talk all things Permaculture
* Share our knowledge and understanding of Permaculture (with each other and the wider community)
* Enjoy each other’s company through helping each other out at mini Perma-blitz’s
* Provide opportunities to learn new skills through our talented and skilled locals or by bringing events and activities to our town

We would love to include as many of the amazing local and regional talented, skilled and knowledgeable people as we can, plus bring in some fantastic outside workshop facilitators! 🙂

If you can support this new group in any way as a facilitator or presenter please give Helen a call on 0419 580 016 or message on FB. We would love to discuss and add you to our developing program! You will be very welcomed out here! Check out FB: https://www.facebook.com/avonvalleypermies/ Thanks..