Canning River Permies

Canning River Permies is a local permaculture group looking to start up when we get enough people involved.

The group would bring folks together who live in the suburbs along Canning  River. This is a wide catchment and we are looking to be a local group for anyone closer to the river than – Mundaring, Armadale, Freo or Duncraig.

There are no rules about who can and can not come so if you’re interested, email and we’ll add you to the list of people who would like to be involved.

Hopefully the group will build bonds with Curtin, McDougal and Vic Park community gardens and other sustainable living groups in the area.

Our meetings will start as social gatherings and ideally develop into a friendly team of peers that can share gardening and simple living experiences and hold the odd backyard permablitz together. (and enjoy the fabulous company of like-minded people)