Membership Fees

Annual membership fees are:

  • $10 unwaged or concession card
  • $30 waged

What Your Membership Provides

Permaculture West makes 50% of your membership fee available to your local group to help fund activities during the year. So please find and nominate your local group OR start a new group in your area (you only need 10 people). All the local groups can be found here.

Just a reminder of what we are here for and why you need to renew:

Permaculture West is the state support group for a decentralised movement of local permaculture groups. We encourage local groups to cooperate and help them to learn self-organising skills. Our intent is to build local and regional resilience through permaculture promotion, design and action.

Why pay $30 (if in paid work) or $10 (if otherwise employed)? Apart from getting that warm glow of being part of Permaculture West:

  • Permaculture West is run by volunteers and no outside funding, we are independent and represent you, so we all chip in to make that work. We would love any volunteer capacity or skills you have to offer.
  • If you are a regular member of a local group, half of your membership fees will go to that group for their own use. You (and other nominated attending members of your family) will be covered by Permaculture West insurance at you local group’s events and, similarly, your local group’s events will be covered by Permaculture West as all the regulars will be insured.
  • We can spread the permaculture word further via our website, Facebook presence and with stalls at relevant events – this means signage, handouts, props, marquee and a lot more that squeezes into a trailer.
  •  By joining, we can see where there are a number of members in an area that doesn’t yet have a local group, and help get a new group going.

How to Join

  1. Review our Constitution (commonly known as “the Rules”); accept the documentation of member details as per the Associations Incorporation Act of 2015 (Division 5 – Register of Members); and agree to respect the Constitution and support the goals and objectives contained within. Please note the committee reviews and decides each application’s success.
  2. Complete and submit the online Membership Form, where you can elect to pay your membership fee via either PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you elect to pay by Bank Transfer, upon submitting the form you will be sent an email containing bank details (your membership will be flagged as “pending” until payment is received).

After Joining


Permaculture West as a volunteer organisation is only as active as its members are, so we’re always looking for people to get involved.

We will include our Facebook contact details in the welcome email. At the same time as your receipt is issued you will be approved to join the Facebook forum should you choose to be involved.

Please feel free to contact us on at anytime to answer questions.

Membership FAQ

  • Your email address, phone & mailing address are never shared with other groups, and only a handful of dedicated volunteers have access to them as needed. To stay informed ensure you notify us of any changes to your email address.
  • Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of submitting the Membership Form. Renewal reminder emails will be sent as you get close to your membership expiry date.
  • Membership is available to individuals/families, but not to corporations or businesses. A membership fee covers the whole family and partners residing at the same location as nominated on the form and signing attendance sheets etc.
  • Additional donations are welcome, but not tax deductible.
  • Online registration is required. All correspondence, newsletters and membership activities will be exclusively online so you will need an email address. Try your library if you don’t have a computer or the internet at home.
  • Small local businesses that would appeal to our membership are encouraged to contact us and if appropriate will be listed/supported in our WA Directory.