Seed Saving WA

The only Bank you can trust

High quarantine fees, numerous restrictions and ongoing attempts by big business to make it harder for people to grow their own food. Now is a great time to join forces in WA and share and save our seeds.

Seed Savers Network WA need you, your friends and community groups involved; both urban and rural folks are needed.

Seed Saving Network WA – Resource, workshops and seed database under construction.

Currently the main group for WA Seed Saving can be found at Click the Join button to ask to be added to the group.

Seed Saving Resources

Open Pollinated Seeds/Plants suppliers

Local Businesses – Already Importing/Stocking Bulk heirloom and organic Seeds

Perth based Gardening Resources, Trading, Groups, Links and Contacts, etc

Local Nurseries

More to come. Please email us on if you would like to add businesses and resources to this list.