E-News – December, 2022

Welcome to December 2022 edition!

I’m feeling blessed to have a cool end to the year, it’s great to have had a little more time to get the garden and house ready for the heat that is sure to come. Hope you’ve collected some seed for next year.

Turning our thoughts to sprucing up this enews, how does some new topics sound? Elements, Techniques and Design? Send me some Feedback please.

It would be wonderful to see all WA content so send me some words and a photo for the next edition, on the new topics or about Principles.

This little Christmas angel is made from Recycled coffee pods. Wishing all our readers a creative, happy holiday season. Enjoy!

Obtain a yield

You can’t work on an empty stomach.
This is a principle that I feel is easy for most people to understand, especially in designing gardens. How do we translate it into social permaculture? What is a more appropriate slogan?

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Aircrete dome building workshop

21 & 22 January 2023, Quinninup.
Expect to leave with the skills and inspiration to build your very own home or creative space especially valuable in Australian conditions. 

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Mandurah Community Garden Event

I really enjoyed attending this event, and congratulate the Community Gardens organisers for putting it together. There are clearly some exciting things happening in this arena.

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A conversation series with Rowe Morrow

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We have designed this as a learning experience that be used in workshops, in the classroom, at a community meeting, or as part of school homeschooling.


It doesn’t matter where you are on your permaculture journey, share your story and support others on their journey.

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Introduction to Permaculture with Rod 

Sat 11 Feb, 8:30am – 11:30am
Join local permaculture expert Rod Hughes to learn about permaculture from the soil up in this introductory class exclusive to Perth City Farm.

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Saturday Part-time PDC with Permaculture Educators Alliance

Delivered on one Saturday a month from February to December 2023. Book individual workshops or the whole PDC. Held at Ecoburbia.