Composting Made Easy

Composting Made Easy


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Online Seminar

Did you know that 30-50 percent of your general waste bin is organic waste and it could be composted on site, avoiding energy loss from transport and emission of dangerous greenhouse gases at landfill facilities?

Did you also know that plants and microbes (that live and breed in compost), have a symbiotic relationship and that both exchange nutrients without any assistance from humans? Magic stuff!

All that food waste and other organics are far too valuable for our soil to waste it by throwing it away. You can ditch the fertilisers, save your pocket and do your garden a favour by making compost. 

Join Robyn Brown, from Waste Is My Resource,  to learn about easy ways of composting. She will present a slide show of  various forms of composting that are available for home gardeners such as:

  • How to use a compost bin
  • Rotating composter
  • Worm tubes worm farms
  • Pet waste composting
  • Bokashi composting (ideal for small units)

There will also be  links to Robyn’s’  online videos illustrating composting, worm farming and bokashi.

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About Robyn

Robyn’s  gardening experience  has come from a lifetime of following Permaculture Principles to set up her 5 acre property in the 1980s and to grow organic food for her family of 2 children who are now adults and flown the nest. Animals and humans enjoy a sprawling relaxed environment at this property! Robyn’s concern for waste has also been a lifetime passion that started with her childhood in the country where very little was wasted due to isolation and lack of money! Her parents showed her how to reuse most things and build from recycled materials.

She has worked a Secondary Art teacher for over 20 years and also a TAFE  Education Assistant lecturer and TAFE lecturer for adults with special needs. Robyn has also worked as a Resident Artist and also Community Artist with Community Arts Network in schools and community groups. Prior to establishing her own business in 2017, she has worked in Local Government as a Waste Education Officer delivering a message of waste minimisation to local communities and also to primary and secondary schools through the Waste Authority Waste Wise Schools Program. 

Presenter: Robyn Brown
Date & Time: 10:00am – 11:30am, Sunday 19th of March 2023
Venue: Online via Zoom
Cost: PermacultureWest financial members – $5, non-members – $10
Registration: Humanitix