Growing Multi-Cultural (A Thought Bubble) – Carole Gorby

Taro ID

It struck me recently, watching a Chinese-Malay man tour through a friend’s garden dispensing wisdom, knowledge and advice, that many of us are only using a background of mainly Western European gardening experience. And this is getting trickier given that a lot of the plants we are now growing have not been traditionally grown there (or here, with our ancient soils).

Rather than re-inventing the wheel while learning to grow more unfamiliar or challenging plants, and suffering a lot of expensive and frustrating failures along the way, I think it makes a lot more sense to make use of a widespread resource – people with knowledge of horticulture form other cultures and backgrounds.

I’m thinking of possibly interviewing (taping), or filming kind people who would be prepared to share their knowledge, and then making it readily available online for everyone to access.

If anyone would like to send me their thoughts, suggestions or nominations on the subject, please feel free. For example, Taro variety and use identification, Asian herb and vegetable use, rare edible plants you have and can share, etc. You can email me at

With hopeful thanks

Carole Gorby, Committee Member, PermacultureWest

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