In memory of David Coleman

In memory of David Coleman loved WA permaculture pioneer and teacher.

David Coleman Eulogy

We have taken the liberty of publishing a eulogy Warwick Rowell wrote to be shared at David’s funeral. (apologies if that was not intended Warwick, but thank you for expressing what we all feel)

“David was a stalwart for Permaculture ideas and ideals when I first met him in January 1988, on a weekend Introduction to Permaculture course he ran with Miles Durand.

Between then and 1992 he worked tirelessly to teach and run close to thirty such courses, and around twenty Permaculture Design Certificate courses.

He worked hard on committees, with many colleagues. He contributed to magazines, meetings, and arranging events such as two visits by Bill Mollison.

His efforts helped make Permaculture a well known system for approaching design problems at many levels: garden, house, farm, village, and beyond.

To this work he brought a keen mind, a gentle voice with a lovely Suffolk accent, and a zany sense of humour we all enjoyed.

From 1992 on, many of us lost touch with David, when he shifted to his block in Denmark, to begin his life work – the Living Waters Foundation ecovillage. We enjoyed his hospitality there on several occasions, usually a party generously hosted by David and Claire. I am sure, that like many others, we sampled all the sleeping arrangements possible: the house, the bale house, the drying shed, and several times, swags outside.

Thanks are due to David for his tireless work to promote Permacuture. We were saddened to hear of his failing health and now of his death.”

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