Mandurah Community Garden Event

by Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon

I really enjoyed attending this event, and congratulate the Community Gardens organisers for putting it together. There are clearly some exciting things happening in this arena, and it’s great to see how many gardens are working together, sharing knowledge and resources, for the benefit of all. The focus on developing community gardens that are financially sustainable really struck a chord with me, and I hope that this is the model that more community gardens explore. I really enjoyed the positive vibe, the expertise shared from the speakers, and the food was wonderful! LOVED the vegan nasturtium pesto! 

As this was the final event in the Gathering and Growing series, we say a very big WELL DONE to Community Gardens WA, Paul Bodlovich and Chris Smyth, and hope to see more events of this calibre in the near future.

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