Membership fees are due – Unwaged $10 – Waged $30

We hope you have enjoyed at least some of the last two years of free membership to PermacultureWest, it was great to be able to offer this to the community to allow anyone and everyone to get connected.

As of 1st of July all memberships (bar life members) have expired and are up for renewal as previously communicated. Single and same address Family Membership is $10 unwaged and $30 waged. So please follow this link ( to fill out the membership form as a new or renewing member, or read further for more information.

Your financial Membership fees are used to cover the associations $1000-$2000 a year expenses. our costs include Public Liability Insurance, website hosting, PoBox, trailer licensing, event promotion/printing and other real world costs.

These are the necessary costs to allow us to provide insurance to local groups, attend and educate at events, represent permaculture in WA, digitally and personally connect the state on all things permie and sustainable.  So everyone appreciates your contribution to these costs.

We will continue to target forming more local permie groups and forging stronger relationships with peer groups in other suburbs. Transition Towns, Community Gardens, Organic Groups, Living Smarties, Gardening Groups, are all peer groups we would like to boost numbers and support where we can.

Our entire system is online based so note that we can’t offer hard copies of enews and other documents. You can sign-up at events or print our membership form and send it in, but we need a functioning email address to keep you connected.

Member Benefits ?

We aim to increase community capability, so will continue to make most services and information provided by PermacultureWest available to everyone. People are the real asset of any community group so all efforts must focus on including and encouraging involvement rather than restricting.

We have been requested to create a financial members only ‘secret’ Facebook PermacultureWest group. The new facebook permie forum will be the place to ask all those exposing questions in a less public forum. Understandably many people want to remain anonymous and not deal with random facebook requests every day so we are keeping the group ‘secret’. You can only be added once membership is paid and an admin adds your facebook name/email to the group. This group does not look to replace great groups/forums like Jetto’s Patch, or Perth Permies but aims to fill the niche of a private hassle free permie centric Q and A forum.

Thanks for your support.

PermacultureWest Committee.

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