The Fesitival of Forgotten Skills – Margaret River

Craft skills, resource management and farming. Whats old is new.
Skill up at your leisure now, or your peril later.

For all the details head to Festival HQ – Fair Harvest.…/festival-forgotten-skills/

Timetable Subject to Change – We are reskilling people management to 🙂

The Program (start times only )

please remember it is subject to change

10am Wool spinning with Mrs Winkle

10am Bookbinding with Molly Coy

10am Ricotta cheese making with Ros Garstone

10am Spranging (predates knitting) with Jane morrow

10am Hat making with Pam Townsend

10am and 2pm Piano singalongs with Sue and co

10am Numerology with Alex Hawthorne

10am Orchard net repairs with Sandy Winkle

11am Weaving watsonia leaves into table mats with Catherine River

11am Scything with John Banister

11am Beekeeping with Luke Fulton

11am Life drawing with Anita and co

11am and 3pm Poetry reading with Miranda Aitken

11:45 Ginger beer making with Debbie Chambers and Nona

12pm Basket weaving with Cynnamon Aeria

12pm Hula hoop dance performance and workshop with Nicole Browne

1pm Grafting, budding and pleaching with Peter Coppin

1pm Ukulele making with Phil Anderson

1pm Herbal tinctures and potions with Rachel Pontin

2pm Weed identification with Charles Otway

2pm Horse hoof trimming with Caro Exner Seegar

2pm The Hoots brass festival band with Dave Rastrick and co

2pm Leather plaiting with Shell

Also (with no set start times) we have:

Splicing and whipping ropes with Jim Matan, facepainting with Peppa Lane

Painting honky nuts with Jules, Whip cracking with Stewart

Weaving bamboo with Bee, Stitching on Hessian with Gay Taylor

Holistic farming with Tahu

Cost ……. $20 per car

Time …….10am – 4pm

Dress…….in the sprit of things

Bring…….a picnic and picnic rug (though we will have food for sale as well)

Oh and don’t forget we’re having a fabulous sundowner  the night before featuring Charlie MgGee and Tony Lane……..

Sundowner Tickets $15 at the gate

What a weekend!

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