Updated: ABC 720 Radio News and TV airtime to fight the new pending $56 seeds fee

Today the ABC 720 radio program Mornings with Geoff Hutchison ran a segment on the new pending (from 1/7/2013) seed inspection fee. A bill of $56 (per seed order) you will get sent with your seeds when they are inspected by Quarantine WA on entering the state. Our Convenor, Charles Otway was the guest speaker after spreading the news yesterday.

You can listen to the show (courtesy of 720 ABC Perth) in it’s raw state by downloading the MP3 file (but high quality version should replace this prelim one tomorrow – but hear it first here)


Following this and community outrage and many callers to Biosecurity WA and the media, news articles like below started appearing all over the internet


Then the 7pm ABC news ran another interview with Charles Otway to help get the message out to the public.


Also see the prior PermacultureWest news article below for more details on the topic.

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