New Patterns for South Walls

Warwick Rowell, Tuesday 14 February 2012

We have derived six new patterns to deal with the problem that strawbale and stucco walls over 2m in height are not good on western and southern facades. Testing over this winter has revealed that moisture contents are just a little too high for long term comfort. Do you have the same sort of problem? Does a solution that looks like this pattern solve it? Please let us know.

Verandah all around Carport on west
Two years’ firewood Vented spaces for freezer or battery
Outdoor room Coolroom/pantry on south wall

Other patterns that might be relevant to this issue are:

  • 145 – Bulk storage,
  • 162 – Pole facing area,
  • 193 – Half open wall,
  • 196 – Corner Doors,
  • 198 – Closets between rooms,
  • 200 – Open shelves,
  • 201 – Waist high shelf,
  • 203 – Child caves,
  • 234 – Lapped ouside walls,
  • 241 – Seat spots.