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E-News – Makuru, 2023

Welcome to the Makuru 2023 edition!

Kaya! and welcome to the Makuru Enews.  The coldest and wettest time of the year in Noongar boodja. Traditionally, for Noongar families, it is known as the season of fertility. Not conception, the time that comes before.

E-News – Djeran, 2023

Welcome to the Djeran 2023 edition!

Kaya and welcome to the Djeran Enews. Traditionally, for Noongar families, it is known as the season of adulthood and is a time of courtship and marriage ceremonies.

E-News – February, 2023

Welcome to February 2023 edition!

Kaya! We are in Bunuru, the hottest time of the year and the season of coastal living and fishing time. Our theme this edition is the Ocean.

E-News – December, 2022

Welcome to December 2022 edition!

I’m feeling blessed to have a cool end to the year, it’s great to have had a little more time to get the garden and house ready for the heat that is sure to come. Hope you’ve collected some seed for next year.

E-News – November, 2022

Welcome to November 2022 edition!

Well it’s definitely warming up, I convinced these two they were better off outside.

What a glorious time to be outside! It has been a struggle to sit in front of the computer. I’m starting to make changes and hopefully this looks better on your mobile…

E-News – October, 2022

Our Enews is changing

The way we display the enews and how you can interact with our enews is changing. It is going to take some time and there is less in this issue than usual.

E-News – May, 2022

The May, 2022 edition of PermacultureWest E-News is now available.