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Looking for Webinar Presenters

For nearly 3 years, PermacultureWest has presented a series of webinars to share knowledge from some of the fantastic people in our community…

Use Edges and Value the Marginal

by Dominique Chanovre
Quite often we come across the Permaculture Principles and view them as singular principles to apply in a given situation.  However, as many of us know, they are a process.

Swap Shuffle Share in Your Neighbourhood

by Jenny Hanna
Swaps Shuffle Share (SSS) is a great local gathering where people swap excess homegrown produce, seeds, cuttings, preserves, and other extras. Items may include fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, seeds, seedlings, gardening tips, worm castings and worms…

Use and Value Diversity

by Jenny Hanna
What would permaculturists do if faced with an enormous pest problem? We would look at permaculture principles to see which ones we can apply, as well as adding more elements…

Vale Dr Ross Mars

by Noala Degasperis

As many of you already know, we lost a giant of permaculture in Western Australia, and the world, last Thursday – Dr Ross Mars.