E-News Editor

Awesome Gathering of Members

by Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon
We began with a shared lunch, which was very well catered for with marvellous talents on show from all the contributors. However, the wonderful didn’t stop at the food. The weather was perfect for sitting in the sunshine while we ate…

Warm Life-ing

by Fiona Brooks
Four years ago I fell into a rabbit hole of Warm Data and Batesonian theory. I was about to say “it started with an unexpected walk with a friend of a friend”, but of course it started well before that…

Julimar Permies

by Helen Harvey
When we began our Julimar gardening journey in 2008, we had a bucket, a shovel and, very luckily, a dam full of water. That was July and by September we had upped our game as we realised this was crowbar country as the clay dried out and turned to something like concrete…

E-News – Makuru, 2023

Welcome to the Makuru 2023 edition!

Kaya! and welcome to the Makuru Enews.  The coldest and wettest time of the year in Noongar boodja. Traditionally, for Noongar families, it is known as the season of fertility. Not conception, the time that comes before.

Food Forest for Vincent!

By Tanvier Fowler
It seems that Food Forests are difficult to establish in Perth. I was very happy when Transition Town Vincent (TTV) contacted me in March about finding PDC graduates to help them with their new community food forest…

West Toodyay Community Tree Planting

By Nicole Coleman
Last year, the Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management Inc offered small grants to landholders to improve ground cover and on-land fodder options for livestock. A neighbour (Anita) and I decided to submit a joint application…

Kwoorabup Commons Cooperative

by Charlie Mgee
Some of you more seasoned permies may remember Living Waters Permaculture in Kwoorabup/Denmark, which was an important part of WA permaculture in the Great Southern for over 20 years…

Pickled Beetroot Recipe

By Stephanie Cutmore
I love this recipe that a friend of the family shared with us and it’s an easy one to follow. I have found if you do decide to grow a vegetable garden, you allways have an abundance at one time and learning new ways to store it is very helpful…