A collection of articles and papers on a range of permaculture-related topics.

Use Edges and Value the Marginal

by Dominique Chanovre
Quite often we come across the Permaculture Principles and view them as singular principles to apply in a given situation.  However, as many of us know, they are a process.

Swap Shuffle Share in Your Neighbourhood

by Jenny Hanna
Swaps Shuffle Share (SSS) is a great local gathering where people swap excess homegrown produce, seeds, cuttings, preserves, and other extras. Items may include fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, seeds, seedlings, gardening tips, worm castings and worms…

Use and Value Diversity

by Jenny Hanna
What would permaculturists do if faced with an enormous pest problem? We would look at permaculture principles to see which ones we can apply, as well as adding more elements…

Wonderful Scythe

by Jenny Hanna
In the PermacultureWest Enews of November 2020, three years ago, my husband Sol wrote about his reflection on using a scythe to do things the hard, slow way of cutting grass. It was a good reflection and I agree. This time, I am writing my reflection on this wonderful tool. 

Photo of Fennel plant


by Paul Lambert

It is Kambarang (October to November). Summer is coming, the onset of heat, and the season of yellow. I love the awareness of Noongar culture when it comes to the health of country, by observing the natural triggers and changes in native bush land…

Geese Integrated into a Certified Biodynamic Farming System

We  started farming 26 years ago, with 3 young boys playing in the dirt. The farm has been certified Organic/Biodynamic for 24 years. … Our main hurdle was always kikuyu grass competing with the newly planted  vineyard and avocado trees. Geese have been the solution and have so many benefits for our farm.

Warm Life-ing

by Fiona Brooks
Four years ago I fell into a rabbit hole of Warm Data and Batesonian theory. I was about to say “it started with an unexpected walk with a friend of a friend”, but of course it started well before that…

Julimar Permies

by Helen Harvey
When we began our Julimar gardening journey in 2008, we had a bucket, a shovel and, very luckily, a dam full of water. That was July and by September we had upped our game as we realised this was crowbar country as the clay dried out and turned to something like concrete…