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Fermented Vegetables

by Araluen Hagan
When we eat fermented foods, we eat the beneficial bacteria – the probiotics – that the food contains. This is important because we need a diverse population of bacteria in our digestive system for optimal health…

Use and value diversity

The teeming zillions.Two species of shrimp-like copepods, 1 to 2 mm long, are perfectly adapted to life in a rainwater pool along with other microfauna. Although closely related they all thrive together because each...

Marine Permaculture

An excerpt from David Holgren’s article The Problem is the Solution: but solutions can turn back into (the same old) problems.

Obtain a Yield

by Tanvier Fowler

You can’t work on an empty stomach!
This is a principle that I feel is easy for most people to understand, especially in designing gardens. How do we translate it into social permaculture? What is a more appropriate slogan?