E-News – Djeran, 2023

Welcome to the Djeran 2023 edition!

Kaya and welcome to the Djeran Enews. Traditionally, for Noongar families, it is known as the season of adulthood and is a time of courtship and marriage ceremonies.

Whilst I can’t promise a marriage, I can tell you about a celebration! International Permaculture Day is soon, Sunday May 7th. PermacultureWest has chosen to celebrate Food security permie style with a mini festival. There’s a garden tour, seed & plant ‘swap, shuffle, share’, and a Forum “Restorying Food Security for All”. And that’s all on one day! For those who can’t make it and /or want to know more, visiting food resilience Educator and Permie Elder, Robina McCurdy will be here the week after.  She will be giving a lecture and holding a one day workshop – Strengthening Neighbourhood Food Resilience Workshop.

Food security is one of those terms that means different things to different groups of people. So, what does it mean to permies? Take some time to consider the Fair Share Ethic. What comes to mind? Ensuring that all people have enough to eat, perhaps. What about all the other animals we share the planet with? Can we grow food for humans and ensure all beings find enough food to fill their bellies? Something to think about. Is there more we can do in our communities?

I have noticed over the decades that there has been a shift from self-survival to self-reliance and community sufficiency. There is growing recognition that you don’t have to be a gardener to play a part in food security in your community. What a relief! No longer do I need to think about growing all my own food, as if that was ever possible! Now it’s more about discovering what I do well, what I like to eat, what likes to grow in my backyard/bioregion, and can I preserve some of the bounty for later?

We can see that aligning with the laws of nature to grow food requires that we embrace more clearly our own nature as well, all of it. To bring forth the best in us, we each need to feel efficacious, connected to others and to have meaning in our lives….We can release our fear of scarcity and trust our place in the nature of things

FM Lappe & A Lappe, “Fields of Hope and Power”, in Vandana Shiva (ed) Food Sovereignty, Food security (Spinifex Press, 2015) p45.

And I’ll finish with 2 questions for next time you buy food. Look at each item and ask “Where did this come from? And how was it grown?

Enjoy reading!

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Organic Food Growing Masterclass

6 May, Perth City Farm
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Celebrating Food Security

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PermacultureWest Lecture Series

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DIY Natural Cleaning Products Workshop

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Soil Microscopy Workshop

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6-7 May 2023, Margaret River
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Part-time PDC with Permaculture Educators Alliance

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