Guidelines for Writing an Article

We will publish your article on our website and share it in the enews. Please provide us with;

  • A title.
  • Content of around 500 words.
  • A main photo as a jpeg file would be good — ideally in a 4:3 ratio or 1200 x 900.
  • Any extra photos as jpeg files or in a document with titles, if wanted. Everyone loves to see photos!
  • Do you want your name included or a link to a website, Facebook?

As for the article content it is up to you! Some ideas for the topics are provided below.

Plants, animals, tools, paths, fungi, microbiology, personal, groups, organisations, councils, wood, solar cookers, rocket stoves. You could send us observations on form and function, or why you chose a particular element. Recipes are welcome!

What are you doing in your life right now? What techniques have you found that work well for you where you are? Describe what you are doing; building, growing, engaging with community, running a business, looking after children, preserving food … the list goes on!

Feedback on creating, implementing and reviewing permaculture designs that yourself or someone else has created. Micro to macro designs and everything in between! Show us your designs and inspire others.

Your chance to highlight some local context — how do you see the principles at work in your life?

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