Creating Free Abundance in Urban Spaces with Raphael Wilkens

Creating Free Abundance in Urban Spaces with Raphael Wilkens


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Online Seminar

Have you ever wanted to create food abundance in your backyard but don’t know where to start and need some practical techniques and good inspiration? Do you think it’s expensive to start a garden from scratch with all the materials needed? Or do you think its not really worth growing food in your yard due to its tiny space or worse, are you constantly battling with very poor soil? Our next guest speaker can help you. 

PermacultureWest have organised another fantastic webinar with an amazing guest speaker who walks the talk and wants to share his knowledge and experience in creating abundance in your yard. 

Join us on this live webinar on a Sunday morning whether its rain, hail or shine at the comfort of your home.

Our guest speaker is Raphael Wilkens, an urban Permaculture Gardener from Perth, WA. 

Raphael has created an abundant edible garden in North Perth, WA using Permaculture principles. He is very much committed to help people obtain their sustainable edible garden. He believes that urban spaces are holding great potentials for transformations. 

At this webinar, Raphael will discuss many practical topics which include:

  • Chinampas: An Aztec model of water management with passive aquaponics system.
  • Terra Preta: A soil amendment technique from the Amazon forrest.
  • The 3 sisters: A plant companions system from the Aztec.
  • Oyas: A slow drip irrigation system from the middle east.

This workshop also includes an online garden tour and demonstration.  

About Raphael Wilkens – Urban Permaculture Gardener

Hi, my name is Raphael, I’m coming from a traditional rural area of the north west of France (Brittany) , were I have started to learn about small scale farming from an early age.

I’ve always loved to grow vegetables and have been practicing Permaculture since I have moved to Perth in 2009. I completed my online PDC with Geoff Lawton in 2019 for a more complete approach on the subject. Thanks to Permaculture techniques, I have now found ways to get good crops without the use of any commercial products and a very limited input from outside the property. I can sustainably manage the wastes around the house by transforming it into a humus rich and fertile soil.

For the last 2 years, I have been successfully helping hundreds of people across the Perth region to achieve some form of food sustainability. I’m running a small gardening services business called “Raphael’s Edible Gardens “, I am creating and teaching Permaculture set ups.

Here are my Facebook page and website. 

I am living on an urban micro farm in North Perth where me and my partner practicing and living Permaculture. I am focused on enhancing my environment to sustain myself without creating any waste nor harm to nature. I specialise in surface composting and soil creation.


The event will be held via Zoom on Sunday, June 26th between 10:00 am and 11:30 am, Western Australian Time.

For financial PermacultureWest members, tickets are discounted to $5. For non-members, the ticket price is $10.

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