From Food Insecurity to Food Resilience

From Food Insecurity to Food Resilience


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Perron Place Theatre
61 Kitchener Ave, Victoria Park, WA, 6100

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Come and hear visiting Permaculturalist Robina McCurdy!

The lecture series is targeted at permaculture practitioners and closely aligned practitioners from the fields of regenerative agriculture (including organics and biodynamics), native bush rehabilitation, community gardeners, and environmentalist activism.

As permaculturalists we are interested in understanding natural patterns and the elements within a living system. It helps us to improve our designs and create new techniques. People are constantly learning and unearthing new/hidden connections. Our perception of the world and how we make sense of it is in flux. This is a space of possibilities. We asked our speakers: Is the foundational knowledge of your field shifting? Are assumptions, that have directed the questions asked, being brought to light? What are the new questions being asked?

The event will be catered and includes time for questions and socialising afterwards. Please feel free to bring along a plate to share.

About the Speaker

For the past 35 years, Robina McCurdy has worked internationally and nationally as an community development facilitator, Permaculture educator/designer and gardening teacher, evolving her own methodology and accompanying educational resource materials: ‘Create Your Own Abundant Vege Garden’, ‘Treecrops Compendium’, ‘Grounding Vision: Empowering Culture’, and soon ‘The Localising Food Facilitators Manual’.

Human capacity building is one of her special skills – inspiring, guiding and offering specific tools and techniques for people to access their gifts, develop their potential, build their resourcefulness, and live their dreams. She has worked alongside hundreds of organizations, with many thousands of people, to bring about significant changes in individual lives, communities and the environment.

After working with village-scale food security in Southern Africa over several years, she was the co-ordinator of Victory Community Gardens (Nelson, NZ), and a consultant-educator with Project Lyttelton’s ‘Food Resilience Project’ (Christchurch, NZ), post-earthquake.

In mid 2012 Robina established The Localising Food Project, which toured NZ filming a plethora of inspiring local food initiatives, and creating documentaries from the material filmed during the tour (to discover more about this work, visit In parallel, Robina taught hands-on workshops on home garden design, public food forests, seed resilience and local food action planning, which she continues to do as her main area of work.

Date & Time: Thursday 11th of May 2023, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Perron Place Theatre, 61 Kitchener Ave, Victoria Park WA 6100
Registration: Humanitix