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Welcome to PermacultureWest

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PermacultureWest aims to inspire and help people learn and use permaculture in their lives by providing you with regular e-news, magazine publications and free entry to presentations. To help support our activities then we encourage you to become a financial member - click the Join Now button for more information.

The Fesitival of Forgotten Skills - Margaret River

by Charles Otway last modified Nov 27, 2014 08:44 AM
Craft skills, food growing, resource management and farming. Whats old is new the age of cheap fuel is ending, and its time to learn to fix and make stuff again. Skill up at your leisure now, or your peril later

Craft skills, resource management and farming. Whats old is new.
Skill up at your leisure now, or your peril later.

For all the details head to Festival HQ - Fair Harvest.…/festival-forgotten-skills/

Timetable Subject to Change - We are reskilling people management to :)

The Program (start times only )

please remember it is subject to change

10am Wool spinning with Mrs Winkle

10am Bookbinding with Molly Coy

10am Ricotta cheese making with Ros Garstone

10am Spranging (predates knitting) with Jane morrow

10am Hat making with Pam Townsend

10am and 2pm Piano singalongs with Sue and co

10am Numerology with Alex Hawthorne

10am Orchard net repairs with Sandy Winkle

11am Weaving watsonia leaves into table mats with Catherine River

11am Scything with John Banister

11am Beekeeping with Luke Fulton

11am Life drawing with Anita and co

11am and 3pm Poetry reading with Miranda Aitken

11:45 Ginger beer making with Debbie Chambers and Nona

12pm Basket weaving with Cynnamon Aeria

12pm Hula hoop dance performance and workshop with Nicole Browne

1pm Grafting, budding and pleaching with Peter Coppin

1pm Ukulele making with Phil Anderson

1pm Herbal tinctures and potions with Rachel Pontin

2pm Weed identification with Charles Otway

2pm Horse hoof trimming with Caro Exner Seegar

2pm The Hoots brass festival band with Dave Rastrick and co

2pm Leather plaiting with Shell

Also (with no set start times) we have:

Splicing and whipping ropes with Jim Matan, facepainting with Peppa Lane

Painting honky nuts with Jules, Whip cracking with Stewart

Weaving bamboo with Bee, Stitching on Hessian with Gay Taylor

Holistic farming with Tahu

Cost ……. $20 per car

Time …….10am – 4pm

Dress…….in the sprit of things

Bring…….a picnic and picnic rug (though we will have food for sale as well)

Oh and don’t forget we’re having a fabulous sundowner  the night before featuring Charlie MgGee and Tony Lane……..

Sundowner Tickets $15 at the gate

What a weekend!

Transition Town online training starts 8 October

by Irma Lachmund last modified Sep 10, 2014 04:51 PM

Transition Launch Online is packed with imaginative ways to delve into the practice of Transition showing you how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative. It is also useful for people who have recently become involved in Transition and want to develop the essential skills and insights to help their Transition Initiative become a success.

Book now for Launch online beginning October 8th, 2014

Churchlands High School Fundraiser - Good2Grow

by Charles Otway last modified Sep 03, 2014 01:29 PM
PermacultureWest will be helping spread permaculture centric gardening advice and information on Saturday 6th September, 8am – 2pm at Churchlands SHS grounds, off Lucca St in the Good2Grow market place.

Churchlands High School Fundraiser - Good2Grow

PermacultureWest will be helping spread permaculture centric gardening advice and information on Saturday 6th September,  8am – 2pm at Churchlands SHS grounds, off Lucca St in the Good2Grow market place.

For more information on the event, full details are featured in Weekend Notes here. Or head to Churchlands SHS P&C website here.

Apart from being a garden products based fundraiser there will be lots of stalls and information from the following groups. We look forward to meeting some of your there.

The Mindarie Regional Council will have information about composting, wicking beds and other ways to deal constructively and productively with your household waste.  

You will get the chance to see the new City of Stirling bin set up and have a chance to ask questions.

Plus a lovely activity….make a pot, plant a pot. Which can then be taken home to plant with your new soil and fertiliser and mulch!

Kim Frankowiak will have his Worm Farms if you would like to purchase one or talk about yours!.  He is great to have a chat with about many things waste.  There may even be a chance to win a worm farm!

Permaculture West will be have lots of information and ideas.  Charles Otway and his team will be able to answer your burning questions.  And Carole Gorby will be around to share her love of spiders with the curious among you!

Environment House will also be set up to chat, bringing along their collection of items that ‘do it better’. Go in their draw for a great prize!

Stay tuned for more info!

The Great Bee Cull - Fundraiser

by Charles Otway last modified Aug 25, 2014 04:58 PM
12 September 2014 - A live hypothetical about bees, sharks and overreactions

The Great Bee Cull (Fundraiser for the Environmental Defender’s Office) - We invite you to join us at the Great Bee Cull fundraiser (

Come along for a great evening of entertainment.

A live hypothetical about bees, sharks and overreactions

Every year 10 innocent Australians die from bee stings
But it was after the tragic death of a good looking and very popular 24 year old hiker that the Premier knew he had to protect the community from these predators.

So, he announced a series of “Parkland Bee Management Zones” with baited nets in popular urban parks. Inspired by Geoffrey Robertson, Strictly Hypothetical uses fictional scenarios to explore real world issues. Join our live, unrehearsed panel with MC Elisa Williams.

Our panelists include:
Dr Martin Drum - Lecturer in Politics at Notre Dame University
Natalie Banks - Founder of No Shark Cull WA
Catrina Aniere - CEO of Millennium Kids Inc
Tiffane Bates - Apiary Manager at Centre for Integrative Bee Research

Tickets $30, $25 concession online. Book a table of up to 6 for $140. Or $35 on the door.  Book via:

Join us for a great night out and help support the Environmental Defenders Office (it's legal aid for the environment)

Food and drinks available

For more information, contact Majella 9221 3030

Sponsorship and Fundraising Donations Discussion

The Environmental Defender’s Office is planning a major fundraiser for 12 September 2014.

The Environmental Defender’s Office ( of Western Australia (Inc) is a non-profit, non-government and politically independent community legal centre, specializing in public interest environmental law. It’s legal aid for the environment! Their services include:

* Providing community group and individuals with legal advice and representation on environmental issues
* Promoting environmental law reform
* Undertaking community legal education

The EDO had all their Federal funding cut without warning just before Christmas last year. For this reason, fundraising is essential for the EDO to continue to provide free legal services and to undertake litigation to protect WA’s unique environment.

Our major fundraiser for 2014 will be ‘The Great Bee Cull’ event on Friday 12 September.

Please consider supporting this event with your donations and come along on the night. It would be greatly appreciated if any bulky donations could be delivered to the Environmental Defender’s Office WA (Inc) Suite 4, 544 Hay Street, Perth. However, if this is not possible for you, we will make an alternative arrangement.

Vouchers or small items can be posted to the above address too. Feel free to include any promotional brochures you would like displayed.

I can be contacted on 0422 460 598 or if you would like to discuss this further.

Regardless of whether you can help with a prize, we invite you to join us at the Great Bee Cull fundraiser (

More information from Jane Genovese, Fundraiser Coordinator
EDO WA, M: 0422 460 598

Two Interesting Opportunities from Warwick Rowell

by Charles Otway last modified Jul 23, 2014 06:26 PM
Meat Pigeons setups, Rocket Stoves, Masonary stoves and DIY Electric Energy Devices. There is not much the Warwick Rowell has not done in his many years living and teaching permaculture. He is looking for others to get involved in the Dunsborough locality permaculture venture.

Domestic Meat Pigeon system for offers.

After eighteen years we are reluctantly giving up our meat pigeons, and want to pass the system on to someone.

Pigeons are a great source of meat; they breed almost year round, they are very hardy, their manure is the highest in N and P, and they taste great!

Available near Dunsborough are 14 birds (if you are quick!), watering system, two galvanised bins for feed and grit, with some contents.

A separate sale might be one or two cages; inspection might is needed, as they would need careful handling and relocation.

Contact Warwick at 0447 994 885 or


Four projects are underway that could benefit from YOUR knowledge, skills, and involvement.

Rocket Stove Erica Ritter

Your involvement could contribute to a project for a Diploma in Permaculture, a building block of your learning, part of a degree programme, and could even make some money!

1.  Building a low rpm generator/motor for a domestic flywheel electrical storage system.

2.  Building an ultra-efficient stationary rocket stove.

3.  Building two ultra-efficient masonry stoves.

4.  Building an ultra-efficient barbeque.

Rocker mass heater

I am happy to provide some funding, a strategic resources depot for some materials, a 4.9 star venue for meetings and overnight stays, my research to date.

I am seeking collaborators for prompt but thoughtful action: I can not do it all myself!

Expressions of interest to please.
Which project is of interest, what knowledge and practical skills do you offer, etc.

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