Getting Started in Permaculture

Reviewed by Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon

I read this book in one night – it started as a little bedtime reading until my eyes became heavy, but then when I woke during the night and couldn’t get back to sleep, I ended up finishing the book! Next morning, I was suddenly very inspired to plan out a mandala garden for my front yard.

This book is an excellent starting point to getting into Permaculture. When the ideals, principles and methods are so vast and all-encompassing, it can get very overwhelming! That then in turn can lead us to not taking that first step. 

There are very simple ways to get started. Grab a used tyre and create a fish pond. Get some plastic bottles and use them in dozens of ways from mini greenhouses to solar stills to grain scoops.

There’s very useful information on organic pest control, composting, fertiliser and earthworms, and when you’re ready for it, you can use his plan to create your own shadehouse, hothouse, or geodesic dome.

I really enjoyed the photos from the Mars’ own property and its journey with their family.

Essentially, there’s a little bit on lots of things you can do to just get started, with plenty of scope to add onto that with further learnings and references to get more information. There are little projects you could do with the kids, through to constructing a more substantial asset in your space.

Thank you Ross and Jenny Mars, this book is a perfect representation of its title, and what many people will find very useful.

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