Observe and Interact

by Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon

In a garden setting, this means: stop. Just watch for a moment. What is the sun doing? The wind? How are the flora and fauna responding to each other? That kind of thing. Stop and observe before you come in with your shovel and your landscape design, first just be aware of what’s going on now, without your interference.

This is a rather simple principle to relate to a business setting. Have you ever experienced a new manager starting in a company, one who is so eager to stamp his brand of leadership into this new role that he makes big changes on his first day? In contrast, have you ever experienced a new manager who prefers to start by first blending in, observing the staff, the dynamics, the strengths and weaknesses, and only after sufficient time getting a feel for the place, then makes the necessary changes to improve the things that are broken? Even if you haven’t experienced it first-hand, which would you prefer?

In order to make the most effective impact on a business, anyone (owner, manager, staff member or out-sourced assistance) would be wise to observe what is currently happening. What are the dynamics between the staff and the customers? Between management and staff? How well does the workspace layout work? And if a small adjustment is made, how does it impact the problem being addressed? Does it make it better or worse? Interact means to act WITH, not TO. Engage on the same level, it’s a two-way action. This is an ongoing process, which is touched on again in a principle coming up later, but to observe and interact must always be the first step.

Her studies and application of Permaculture to her own home, business and life, as well as becoming actively engaged in the Permacuture community, has helped Bronwyn to explore how the Permaculture principles are universally adaptable to apply to business situations.

After re-aligning the business to reflect these core values, Bronwyn re-launched Evertrue Solutions Business Coaching.

For more information: https://permacultureprinciples.com/principles/_1/

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